Faculty Development

My doctoral work has allowed me to become an expert in educational design that is both innovative and grounded in research-based models. This has allowed me to conduct faculty development workshops for seminaries across the country, including:

Bexley-Seabury Seminary

Virginia Theological Seminary

Wartburg Seminary

I have

I am currently on the faculty for the online teacher training through the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion

Workshop for Theological School Faculty Teaching Online 


During my time at UVa, I worked as a Graduate Student Associate at the Center for Teaching Excellence. I was involved in research on their award winning Course Design Institute (http://trc.virginia.edu/programs/course-design-institute/). Michael Palmer, who developed UVa’s CDI, gave me permission to adapt the model for seminary faculty. More information about the resulting program, Course Design ForTE! (For Theological Educators) can be found at http://learningforte.com/cdforte/.

In addition to working with seminaries’ faculty members, I am passionate about the opportunities parishes and other organizations have to contribute to the landscape of theological education. Educational technology has created an environment in which opportunities previously only available through conferences, and then live-streaming, can now been transformed into on demand learning opportunities, accessible across time zones.